Who We Are

My name is Kristi, I am a working mother, wife with two boys and an outdoors fanatic. I am also the owner of Fiery Doe Life. My passion is to hunt, fish and camp with family and friends as often as possible. I wanted to start this page to not only celebrate the women who hunt, but also foster a safe space for the woman who have always wanted to learn more about these activities. Keep in mind I did not grow up doing any of these great activities. In fact, I picked up these new skills late in life, but quickly found it filling a void that I never knew existed. My hope is that you will find this company and our website to be a great resource for all women, but especially those who would like to learn more.  

The Mission

My personal mission is to connect with other like minded women. Those who enjoy quality time with family, hunting, camping and living an active lifestyle. I'm always in search of things that foster great ideas, keep us safe and make life easier. Don't you ever wish for the key items that could make life easier in the field, in your home or to utilize daily for protection. My goal is to find you those items and more including. It’s tough to find great fitting clothes, versatile accessories and active wear that you’re going to LOVE and blends well with your lifestyle.  

The Finishing Touch

Take some time to browse the site, you might be surprised at what you find. You'll see classic women's hunting gear partnered with a variety of active wear which allows for concealment. Its about looking & feeling great while staying comfortable. Let's also not forget to add great accessories and jewelry to utilize no matter where the road takes you.  I'll be adding new items each month so make sure you visit often.